We are having the following instruments:

S. No. Name of the Instruments Quantity Make Remarks
1 Portable Transient Flow Meter One GE Panametrics
2 Combustion Analyser KM – 900 One KANE International UK
3 Power Manager – ALM 10 Two Kry Kard, ITALY Single Phase Analyzer
4 Power Manager – ALM 30 One Kry Kard, ITALY Three Phase Analyzer
5 Power Manager Two Kry Kard, ITALY Nano VIP
6 Power Manager & Harmonics Analyser One Kry Kard, ITALY Nano VIP Plus Mem
7 P F Meter One T I F, USA
8 KW Meter One T I F, USA
9 Aneometers Two Prova Taiwan
10 Lux Meters One TENMARS
11 Surface Temp Meter One India
12 Tachometer-Stroboscope One Monarch Instrument, UK
13 Multi Stem Temp Meter (LCD Digital) Three Taiwan
14 R H Meter – Digital One India